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Young Promising Athletes

Charity campaign

For Young Promising Athletes

Participate in the charity campaign For Young Promising Athletes and compete for the signed jersey of Luka Dončić!

We invite you to participate in the charity campaign For Young Promising Athletes and donate founds for young promising athletes from socially disadvantaged families. The funds raised will be used to pay for the organized sports training of talented young athletes enabling the development of their sports talents under professional guidance.

All of you, who will contribute charitable contributions are vying for the signed jersey of Luka Dončić, which the Slovenian basketball star signed to our world traveller Oliver Tič, on his path from the extreme south of Argentina to the northernmost place in Alaska, stopped in Dallas and attended a Mavericks game. The jersey will be given to the donor who will contribute the biggest summed donation for young athletes by the end of the campaign (expected in the second half of August 2022).

In gratitude for your donation, each donor will receive 3 exclusive digital souvenirs in the form of NFT’s of famous Slovenian tourist destinations: Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Postojna cave issued on the IFeelNFT platform. After donating, please send an e-mail to E: and we will send you instructions and codes for minting NFTs. In your e-mail, please provide information about the donor: name and surname (in the case of a donation from a natural person) and legal name of the company/organization (in the case of a donation from a legal entity).

Signed jersey of Luka Dončić

The charity campaign is initiated by world traveller Oliver Tič and organized by the humanitarian association Lions Klub Konjice, part of the Lions clubs international assotiation.

On the web page of the campaign, we are publishing current list of the 10 TOP donors (summed all donations from individual donor), which we update daily. Donors can contribute several times during the duration of the charity campaign (from 13 May to the second half of August 2022).

You can donate in the following ways:

  1. Transfers of donation to special checking account:
    Recipient: Humanitarian Association Lions Klub Konjice, Mestni trg 2, 3210 Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia
    Bank account: IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 7127 561, SWIFT: HDELSI22
    Purpose of the transfer: Donation FOR Young Promising Athletes.
  2. Transfer donations by credit or debit card via Pay Pal at this link:

Objectives of the action:

We wish to raise the necessary funds to pay for organized sports training for at least 20 young athletes from socially disadvantaged families in 2022.

Continue the charity campaign in the coming years and raise the necessary funds for the inclusion of young promising athletes from socially disadvantaged families in professional programs of organized sports training.

Current list of TOP donors for :

signed T-shirt of Luka Dončić

Campaign supporters

The background of the action

Oliver Tič from Slovenske Konjice went to the south of Argentina in October 2018, from where the path leads him to the north. He plans to walk more than 25.000 km from the city of Ushuaia in the extreme south of Argentina to the town of Prudhoe Bay, the northernmost place in Alaska.

He also tries to be as frugal as possible, with an estimated budget of ten euros a day. Along the way, he meets many hospitable people who offer him free accommodation or a meal. Oliver or Oli Walker (as his travel nickname) points out that his adventure would not have been possible without support from the home community. He saved some money for the trip himself, but he got a lot of help from the local community, companies and friends. Without them, he would not be able to embark on this project or, better said, he would not be able to live his dreams.

After a year and a half, he came to Colombia, then he had to stop for a year due to a coronavirus pandemic, and from April 2021 he continues his journey to Alaska. Initially, he planned to walk along the West American coast, but because he wanted to visit Dallas and see Luka Dončić, he decided to make a “smaller” bend for 320 km and visit Dallas. The management of the Dallas Mavericks invited him to their match, where he also met Luka Dončić, who signed his T-Shirt with the famous number 77. Oliver told Luka that he will use it to carry out a charity event.

Oliver is fulfilling his promise to Luka Dončić with the charity campaign FOR Young Promising Athletes, organized in cooperation with the humanitarian organization Lions Klub Konjice. Campaign starts on Friday 13 May and will last until Oliver’s return to his home-town Slovenske Konjice – expected in the second half of August.

Oliver invites his supporters, friends and acquaintances, media, companies and organizations to participate in the charity event and invites them to donate and support young athletes to live their dreams, as Oliver lives them every day on his path from Argentina to Alaska.

Oliver and Luka in Dallas

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